JustHookup.com - Is JustHookup a scam? So What’s This JustHookup Scam Rumor? I’ve been using JustHookup for about six months and only recently found out that there is a so-called ‘ JustHookup scam’ involved with the site and...

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JustHookup Scam? Hey! Well, i would quite like to introduce myself as Bryan from Arizona, US. I was intrigued to the idea of finding a date online seeing as i work nuts hours for any real time to put aside to actually...

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JustHookup.com – Is JustHookup a scam?

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So What’s This JustHookup Scam Rumor?

I’ve been using JustHookup for about six months and only recently found out that there is a so-called ‘ JustHookup scam’ involved with the site and its ‘credits’…They’re just for fun (not required!!)  I’m a satisfied customer who’s grateful to have found JustHookup and I read these scam notices and have to shake my head.  More on that later.

Want to know how I found out about JustHookup?  A friend of mine saw a TV ad and was mocking it – saying that he couldn’t believe there was a website that actually supports people having hooking up.  Well, as someone who had seriously been considering hooking up for fun I kept my mouth shut and went to JustHookup to check it out.

There Is An “JustHookup Scam” But…

Yes, say what you will about people just hooking up, there are lots of people that want to do it!  JustHookup gets major points in my book for acknowledging that this goes on and good for them for capitalizing on it.  Their product provides a safe and exciting place for people look to have hookup.

Life is too short. So, I thoroughly checked out JustHookup before doing anything, including activating a profile or spending money.

JustHookup Scam Rumor 1: How much does JustHookup cost?

Surprisingly not much! You have the option of credits to play around with shout outs and you can also upgrader your entire account for full access to EVERYTHING (unlimited messaged) for not much compared to other websites i’ve tried out!

JustHookup Scam Rumor 2: How does JustHookup work?

I’ve also read a few reviews about customer service being a joke? Wow, that is honestly amusing seeing as ive personally had them help me with my payment over the phone and by email. My email responses were within a couple hours unlike most companies that take 24hours to a week! Cut them a break guys, they’re a dating site not your personal accountant. They were very understanding and willing to bend over backwards for me! Can’t get much better than that in my eyes. So back to what i was talking about, claimed scam number two, fake profiles.

Let’s nip this weird accusation in the bud! I have spoken with many of users in the last couple months and have met two of them myself. One just a friend, nothing progressed, the other….well i won’t say any more :P Yes they are attractive women but, if they are willing to meet me, maybe you should just realise the pic of your cock isn’t as appetising as you think!

What I like about JustHookup:

  • It’s safe and discrete: I’ll be honest; I was terrified of the risk of going onto a site to help me have an hookup.  But JustHookup has taken extraordinary measures to make sure it is private and discreet.  I set it up using a private email and no one knows about it but me.
  • It’s free to start: I was thrilled to be able to check out how the site worked without spending any money.  I searched profiles, sent a couple messages and actually met someone while using the site for free.  But when I chose to spend a little money, things picked up.  (The whole ‘you-get-what-you-pay-for’ thing).
  • It’s exciting as hell:  Yep, there I said it.  I love that I can go to this site, confidently, chat women up, send messages, exchange pictures and meet like-minded people who value discretion and privacy just as much as I do.  Other members don’t ever know my email address or even my zip code.

But about the ‘ JustHookup scam’ thing: I get that there’s skepticism and even criticism about a site that people go to when seeking out a hookup.  It’s a sensitive subject to many people.  But it happens.  But is there a ‘scam’…?  Plain and simple – no.

The only drawback about the site – and this may be the reason for the ‘JustHookup scam’ claims – you should consider upping your profile game or maybe buy one of their online online dating ebook, as I mentioned before you need a nice pic and a good full profile.  It’s a little addictive to receive and send messages so id advise upgrading to send and UNLIMITED amount. Ashley maddison for example make you pay per message lol! Terrible and half their users are fake!!  They know this and it seems they use this to up-sell to the Elite or something.  Guys and girls, JustHookup is not a non-profit business.  They provide a service, you pay for the service.  I can also tell that there seem to be a lot more men using the site than women – but I don’t necessarily think that’s the fault of the site – it’s human nature as far I’m concerned. (Women, get in there lol!)

Don’t believe everything you read when it comes to some so-called ‘scam’ regarding this site.  JustHookup has allowed me to meet quality women in the same area I’m in.  I could spend as little or as much money as I want on the site – it’s totally up to me.  I like the site – it works.  I’ll use it again.  I can only suggest that you try it yourself before you buy into any ‘JustHookup scam’ rumor.

JustHookup Reviews – A Member’s View


JustHookup Reviews – Are You Really Guaranteed To Hookup?

So, I’m watching TV one night and see an ad for a website that caters to people who want to have an hookup– JustHookup.  Did I really just see that?  I had actually been thinking of getting a fuck buddy/ hookup (seriously).  But to see an ad targeting someone like me, it was a little startling, i simply couldn’t wait to sign up.

So, I put it in my mental file to check out sometime later.  But curiosity got the best of me and I logged on sooner rather than later.  I like this JustHookup.  I was probably like every other person who checked out the site for the first time: skeptical, a little nervous, cautious.

JustHookup Reviews 1: How much does JustHookup cost?

I’m fairly sure everyone who goes to the site, at first, sets up a free ad profile.  I liked that this allowed me to dip my toes in the pool, so to speak, before I spent any money, as you do, kind of, get what you pay for.  My profile had as much or as little information as i wanted to place: height, weight, age, general location, what I was looking for, etc.  I uploaded a picture (which was scary – but I did it anyway) and guess what?  I got responses fairly quickly, like within a few hours!!

JustHookup Reviews 1: How does JustHookup work?

It took a couple of log-ons for me to kind of get the hang of all the features on JustHookup – and I’d put myself in the intermediate/advanced computer user category.  Loved that I could look at profiles, ‘wink’ at cute guys, and there is a Favourite tag i can put on people to contact them later which i liked. It lets them know too which encourages some interaction. :D

I finally got to the point where I had exchanged enough messages and chatted with a guy to take that first step and just take the plunge.  We met for coffee, had a nice hour or so chatting/flirting – he was cool – he was who he said he was, looked like his profile picture and admitted he was happy that I was what he expected.  Not even JustHookup can guarantee that people are telling the truth, putting up current pics, etc.  So, this was a nice surprise.  Nothing happened with this guy but I have to say – to be able to meet a like-minded person who was seeking a hookup and could flirt away and have a good laugh.  If for anything else, JustHookup has created a mostly safe forum for people who want to explore.

Here are some of things I like most about JustHookup:

  • Discretion – I used a contact email (which is required) of my choosing.  I set up a private email using yahoo.  That email is never shown to members on the site.  Other members don’t even know my zip code.  There are all different kinds of payment methods – yes, I upgraded – and the site assures privacy/discretion.  Privacy and discretion are the number one/two things that are important to me about this site and it delivers.
  • Easy – It’s really a user-friendly site.  The more I logged on, the easier it got to navigate around the site and subsequently meet people.
  • Reputation – the site is relatively FRESH and full of the members i would like to find. They have a good name overall except for the couple of scam claims from bulshy people expecting silver service and waiters.
  • Results – I set my expectations low.  But I’ve met nice guys and yes – I’ve ended up in bed with more than one of them – let me just put that out there.  When I chose to upgrade to a full account i was delighted with my abilities and interaction i could gain with being listed as a featured member.  There is certainly an element of ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is true for this site.

Now – the downside.  I think it’s just part of the online dating world (or maybe it’s just me) but wow….I did have to really weed through a lot of profiles to find even a few men that held my interest.  Who knows – I probably overlooked some nice guys because they can’t write a decent profile to save their souls, but I found a lot of just poorly-written profiles.  I did notice that the site offers tips on how to put a good profile together.  Dudes – read up.  Not necessarily a JustHookup problem, really. Buy the ebook or something.

I also feel that the site tries to push its members to buy those upper-level packages, but I get it: it’s not a non-profit company and apparently spending more money does guarantee better results.

There’s a lot of hype about JustHookup out there.  Do yourself a favor, don’t listen to the hype unless its positive.  Go to the website and give it a shot.  I’ve never written or offered a testimonial about anything – that I’ve chosen to go on about JustHookup,  It’s exceeded my expectations.

JustHookup Scam?

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Well, i would quite like to introduce myself as Bryan from Arizona, US.

I was intrigued to the idea of finding a date online seeing as i work nuts hours for any real time to put aside to actually go out to a public place and attempt to woo an unsuspecting lady! I’m too old to simply go to some Club filled with 21yr old children!! I decided to Join Justhookup! The name seemed to spell out what i was looking for although i came across mixed initial reviews. i know ooooh to well to ignore most of them because people get angry and without resolution post negative comments, BUT who takes the time to place a positive one. Not many is your answer!

It’s free to join which is always a good start.. I was a little unsure on how to get started (being completely new to this I didn’t want to come across like a complete douche!!) I was checking the site out for an hour or so, viewing some of the other members  and kinda getting a general feel for the site (some of the chicks are CRAZY hot, why hadn’t i done this before now??)

I’m not the most savy when it comes to using the intermet but it was suprisingly easy to use.  I’ll be honest I didn’t think i would join an online dating site to try and meet new women, but hey.. everything seems to be on the net these days anyway so why not put my sex life on it ;)

After taking a look around I got a feel for the place, added a couple of photos & a brief description to my profile. I know what your thinking, I put a photo of my junk on there?? Haha, no.. im not that confident (really wish i was)… So, my Justhookup adventure had begun.

As you can possibly tell I’m not the most forward guy and chatting with women isn’t my best skill. How do you open a discussion with a half naked woman on a dating site? Seriously, I actually felt a bit out of my depth… It looked like fun but wasn’t too sure it was really for me.

A few days had passed and I hadn’t been back on the site, I logged into my email account expecting to see the usual junk (bills, bills, spam & more bills) but to my surprise I had actually received some interest on Justhookup.com! To my surprise a couple of local lovelies had sent me an message, Whaoo!!

So, I received a couple of message which was nice. I didn’t really expect replies to them but sure enough i was chatting away with this particular lovely for some weeks and met only last Tuesday. I won’t go into details but, i spoilt her at a gorgeous restaurant that even I hadn’t been to. I won’t say what happened next!! [HAHA].

Conclusion so far, GENUINE site. Amazing results!

I’ll update you guys on some of the features and my progress when i have time :)